Water is essential to life.

This is the story of a journey to restore the sanctity to this mysterious substance that joins us all.

A journey to the villages and rural lands of India to bring awareness of the need to protect and nourish our water supply.

Follow our story here of our progress and challenges, joys and tears as we build our team, stretch our wings and create our journey before us – a blog of our travels and successes, challenges and inspirations.

We are ready to build our path as we go, as many times it will need to be forged as we walk it – for it is the road less travelled.

We started out planning our first project as the creation of an inspirational and educational documentary demonstrating successful methods of  the regeneraton of our water supplies and harvesting the rain.  But this was soon to change and shift as we realised that this had already been done and why reinvent a wheel?

The evolution of this path now moves us straight into the work of creating check dams and structures that will encourage the floods of the rainy season to seep into th earth and recharge the aquifers below rather than simply running off with all the topsoil.

Join us and journey with us for together we can make change.