Simple Easy Effective and Low Cost!

We have been seeking a simple easy effective and low cost method of rain water harvesting to provide farmers with a constant and abundant supply of water year round.  We thought it was check dams and certainly they have their advantages – but recently we had the opportunity to visit Mr Sikandar Meeranayak of the Sankalpa Rural Development Society in Hubli – he is doing brilliant work.IMG_6390

And it looks like we have found what we were looking for.

Sikandar has been perfecting the art of bore well recharge systems and he has done a lot of them.. over 400 in fact.  In the past few years he has been experimenting with more effective ways of making these systems and has managed to reduce the costs to only Rs 15,000.  (USD230) using locally sourced materials and very little concrete.  The farmer who wants to implement the system pays half and funds are raised by Sikandar’s organisation to provide 50% of the cost.

Results are in .. check this for a Success Story:

Mr Devendrappa Gabannavar from Varur Village nr Hubli, is a relatively wealthy farmer. He owns 30 acres. However his water supply dwindled and almost failed. Selling 2 acres of land he drilled a staggering 26 borewells to try to find a water supply to irrigate his crops. Only one gave any water.

In 2010 he invested in a rainwater borewell recharge system –


To his delight after the first rainy season water began to flow again. He could irrigate 6-7 acres .. and on a 3 acre patch of previously totally barren land he began growing bananas. This crop gives him 6-7 lacs per year. (Rs 6-7,00,000) in excess of AUD 13,000. He has planted 260 mango trees, 220 chikku trees and can water all his trees.

Even though this year has seen a bad drought in his area, his increase in income is 40-60%. He is now starting to grow vegetables – a high cash crop. He has invested in a powered cultivator, he owns 35 goats with 8 kids, and this year constructed a 2nd recharge system on another dry bore well.
And he also now owns two cars!


Imagine the effect of this increase in production by this one farmer.

His children are assured of an education – he employs other people on his farm – and he will soon have fresh vegetables on his table every day – the health of his family will improve and the brain power of his children be increased due to their ability to have proper food.

So we have the absolute honour to partner with Sikandar and his organisation and trust that the Water Harvest Foundation will be able to add value in the way of telling the stories that surround his work – to bring more and more supporters and collaborators so that together we can construct thousands of these rainwater harvesting bore well recharge systems throughout India and possibly beyond.

Watch this space for more news of this great system to harvest rain water and provide sustenance to rural India as well as to rooftop rainwater harvesting systems for bore well recharge in industry and city areas.

And of course if you would like to help – just USD 250 can make a profound difference to a farmer and his family’s lives .. let us know on the form below!

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