Follow the story here of our progress and challenges, joys and tears as we build our team, stretch our wings and create our journey before us –

We are ready to build our path as we go, as many times it will need to be forged as we walk it – for it is the road less travelled.

This story is a hero’s journey in itself… a quest – following the archetypal path of mythology –

It goes like this..

  • an ordinary person is called to adventure – but oh no that is too hard a path – lets just stay in our comfort zone, the place we know.
  • But the comfort zone shifts and she is propelled into the adventure – supported by her guides both in the physical form and beyond.
  • She walks forward alone – and is to be confronted by obstacles that must be overcome in order to move on.
  • As the obstacles rise up before her she realises that she is not alone and is encouraged to continue the journey.

To be continued……