Water – the sacred

By | August 7, 2014

(This is a reprint of a post from Water For Life)

In almost all ceremonies that come from the heart and are rooted in the ancient wisdom of our Planet – some part of them uses Water – as a cleansing force and a blessing to wash away negativity and pains.

So therefore in our work that we are to do with water we must first make sure that water is honoured and that the energetic body of water is served with Grace.

As a healer of people’s bodies – I studied traditional methods of healing. Often the healer takes care of the energetic body of the person first.. the shamanic way is to look for the ‘spear’ embedded into the energy field of the being.. and once that is removed, the physical can be repaired. So perhaps we must take lessons from this in our work to heal the water of our planet – and give energetic healing first before anything else is begun.

It has been said that the Hindu religion has many Gods.. (some say more than 30 million) because in this way the worshippers come to see each action in their lives as sacred. As they go to the market place to buy the daily supplies, they give homage to the Goddess Laxmi or the Goddess of Money.. as they go to draw water from the well then they may worship the god of that well.. or the god of fresh water.

It would seem that in the village if it is possible to bring ceremony to the healing of the village water supply, if the people can begin to get a sense of the Gods of the Water – then the next step is to worship at the feet of these Gods, and bring cleansing to the place.water well

So returning to the sanctity of water can be the first step. It requires a respect – and an honouring to realise that it is time to clean our waterways so that the aquifers below the surface are able to store fresh pure and clean water for our lives.

Sacred water temple in Bali

The Balinese have Water Priests – those who are responsible for the flow of water to the rice paddies. They too have their religious origins in the Hindu religion. The God Apam Namat – God of fresh water and lakes – Ganga that supreme goddess River – that gives life to so many – Varuna – the God of Water and the Celestial Ocean – and this is just the beginning – the stories within stories and the myths and legends that entwine them all together are a life study in itself.

Let us invoke all of these Gods and Goddesses if it can assist in any way to bring the people to a place where they can again see Water as holy and their lives as deeply connected… just as water is to us all.