Progress and Resources Flowing

By | March 3, 2015

The Work is Beginning:

Well actually the work began quite some time ago, but now the physical work is starting.  We have just returned from a journey to Tirzada.  A contractor has been found further meetings held with the farmers involved, and the measurements  have been taken and the position of the dam wall chosen.  This was a subject of some discussion becuase at both sites where we are to begin work, there are beautiful old established trees.


It is imperative to retain the nature around these dams as much as is possible.  And that means no destruction of the trees.  Both sites have permanent springs.  These springs need their natural environment to flow.  Nature herself is here in abundance and she is only needed to be supported – with a sense of working together with her rather than man’s destructive and violent attempt to re-shape the flow.

This it seems has been the problem in many of the attempts of the Government interventions to assist the farmers and the villagers.  Just to be clear here – when we speak of the farmers we are also speaking of the villagers – because villages like Tirzada are farming villages.  All who live there are involved in some way with the land.


In Tirzada they are in trouble this year – because although there is a large Government dam not too far from them, this is mismanaged to the extent that this year those who control this dam made errors – they released water at the wrong times – for the wrong crops.  So the crops needed to supply fodder to the village cattle did not thrive.  The result – these is no food already in February for the cattle and the farmers are starting to have to sell their precious beasts. precious cow For an Indian farmer – a cow is a very important animal.  To have to sell because of lack of feed is a very big decision.

A point of interest:  Our dams are not for irrigation – they are for creating a more permanent supply of water to the underlying aquifers – thereby giving the farmers much greater access to water in their wells so they no longer have to rely on the vagaries of the weather or those who control the flow of the water from the government dam.


This wonderful gentleman with the blue cap is a trusted advisor on our team.  In his lifetime he has been an incredible force in his village – and has much experience as a contractor himself.  He is highly ethical and knows everyone.  So who do we ask when we need a trusted and ethical person who is not going to put our hard earned money into his back pocket? Anaji of course .. he has the answers for us.  We are fortunate indeed to have a friend such as him.

Next steps.  The paperwork is to be done this week with the help of the farmers – that is No Objection Certificates signed dated and stamped.  The contractor is to come back with a suitable quote.. and we can go ahead.

We expect this to happen very fast now as there is much to do. Let the check dams begin!